Locker Legends

3D Locker Solutions provide high-quality metal lockers and mesh lockers for the MOD, schools and the NHS, as well as a plethora of specialist industries. From lockers for those working in hazardous environments which require a regular change of clothing and kit, to golf lockers and cycle lockers for sportsmen and women. We always put quality first.

Our mesh lockers
can be easily installed onsite and feature doors secured by Hasp and Staple lock systems. Mesh lockers are more hygienic than completely enclosed lockers as they allow air to circulate around work clothes and equipment, reducing unpleasant smells which can pollute the air and attract vermin.

Our standard metal school lockers keep any items placed inside safe and secure and are trusted by schools nationwide. We also stock a fantastic selection of hazardous substance cupboards, Anti-graffiti lockers, anti-stock theft lockers, large volume cupboards and acid and alkali cupboards. 3D Locker Solutions are confident that we have the exact locker to meet your requirements which is completely fit for purpose, secure, stylish and affordable.

This is why we are the first choice of specialist industrial firms, MOD, police and public authority bodies for all of their locker requirements. We have lockers which can be fitted to any storage space as well as modular locker systems which can increase or reduce storage areas in an instant according to rapidly changing requirements.

Please visit our site today to peruse our simply stunning and superb selection of the very best lockers on the planet.

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