Outstanding Products and Services

3D storage solutions offer an unrivalled and comprehensive range of storage products services and solutions. As well as lockers of all types, including mesh lockers and storage lockers, we can design, construct and install mezzanine flooring in your warehouse, supply fantastic shelving solutions in your premises, install perfect partitioning and pallet racking, and supply locker and cupboards which keep equipment securely stored and also ensure that the valuables of employees are always safe and secure.

Our locker range includes mesh lockers and so much more: a quick glance at our products will reveal their versatility, supreme security, quality of design, style and durability; we have definitely got a locker fit for every purpose and every type of organisational requirement. Our structural steel constructed mezzanine floors are an excellent method for the easy expansion of storage space within an existing space without any need for extensions and extra floor space. One tier or multi-tier mezzanine floors are fully mobile, demountable and effortlessly relocated, and thus offer a flexible solution to storage space which dramatically increases capacity. Whether you require extra storage space, office space, manufacturing areas or locker rooms, mezzanine flooring is an excellent option.

Our comprehensive service includes site surveys and a guarantee of safe and efficient installation as well as compliance with all building regulations and safety requirements.  Furthermore, our premium partitioning solutions include single skin partitioning, double skin partitioning, mesh partitioning, suspended ceilings, office partitioning and mono-bloc partitioning, offering a peerless level of flexibility and versatility. For expert advice on all of our products and advisers, please contact us today, because we are delighted to offer storage locker solutions to every type of company, public body or educational facility.

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