Multifunctional Metal Lockers

All kinds of environments call for secure storage solutions, with different environments calling for companies such as ours to provide a variety of sizes. In some environments, such as retail workplaces, a small cubbyhole may be all that is required for valuables such as mobile phones, purses, and wallets: items which are essential for emergencies, for travel and lunch money, but which are not allowed on shop floors. In other scenarios, such as in sports centres, swimming baths, or spas, larger, single-tier metal lockers may be more desirable, allowing users more space for items such as clothing and towels, presenting a less chaotic changing area.

With twenty years of experience in the provision of storage solutions, we offer a huge range of plastic, wood-effect and metal lockers at 3D Lockers. We are able to advise our customers on the best approach to storage, taking into account their specific needs. In circumstances where you are trying to provide a secure storage space for a larger number of people, consider two- or three-tier metal lockers, optimising your available floor space without compromising on providing a decent storage space to those who need it.

Metal lockers are very durable and often selected as the best option as a result of their resistance to daily wear and tear, but the plastic and wood-effect alternative we offer are also worth considering, with some of our solutions designed specifically for wet areas. Selecting storage which is secure, durable, and attractive is important, allowing you to provide dependable and smart storage solutions.

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