Choosing Industrial Storage Lockers

If you’re choosing storage lockers it can seem tricky, but there are a few things you can to take into account which will make life easier.

The first decision is what material you want your storage lockers to be made from. Metal lockers made of aluminium or steel, as well as those made in wood, plastic and wire lockers are available.

If you need very strong storage lockers, metal lockers are almost certainly your best bet – go for at least 14 gauge. For less heavy-duty ones, wood or plastic will work perfectly well.

It may sound obvious, but your storage lockers do actually need to lock. Some of the cheaper models around are not lockable. Try to choose one which has a pull handle that recesses into the door, with loop eyes for padlocks if required.

It’s also a good idea to buy ones which are properly ventilated. The door at least should be vented, so air can circulate. Diamond shaped slots allow air to flow easily through the vent door.

Finally, consider the space you have available. People need to be able to access their items comfortably. If you have limited space consider wall mounted or multi-tiered storage lockers.

At 3D Lockers we have a wide range of storage lockers, in a wide range of sizes and colours for staff rooms, schools and gyms.  And with 20 years in the business and an impressive client list, you can buy from us with confidence. Check out our website today.

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