Mobile Lockers – keeping valuables safe

It’s sad but true that these days we are all vulnerable to theft. No-one wants to be a victim, and if you run a business, you want to make sure that your staff’s possessions are well protected.

Mobile Lockers fulfil a number of purposes. First, there’s security, as your staff can get on with their work confident that their valuables are safely locked away in mobile lockers that deter any thief.

Secondly, there’s health and safety. Having storage lockers does away with coats, bags and other paraphernalia lying around in the workplace, presenting a risk of tripping or other accidents. Storage lockers provide a useful and tidy place to put all of these things away until they can be safely retrieved at the end of the day.

Thirdly, staff lockers are ideal if your staff wear a uniform. A suitably private and secure locker area provides them with somewhere to get changed, with storage lockers to put their everyday clothes in until needed again. Spares can also be kept there in case required during the working day.

At 3D Locker Solutions we have a wide range of mobile lockers and staff lockers to suit all workplaces, no matter how much space you have available and how many staff you need to cater for.
Our mobile lockers are strong, long-lasting and stylish – we have lockers in a wide range of colours and materials to complement your décor while performing their important and practical function. You’ll be impressed at our prices, too.

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