Protecting valuables with effective workplace lockers.

Lockers have been around for a long time. When people need to leave possessions like clothing, money, keys and so on in one location while they head somewhere else, it’s important they have a safe place to store them.

These days, there’s an even greater incentive for individuals to rely on secure workplace lockers. Consumers tend to carry around lots of expensive hi-tech equipment with them. From tablet computers to smartphones, MP3 players, digital readers and much more, there are plenty of gadgets available. This means individuals often have much more to lose. Indeed, in many cases handbags, briefcases and jacket pockets contain many hundreds of pounds worth of equipment.

Smartphone usage is soaring

If the workplace lockers you provide are often used to house smartphones, you’re by no means alone. The recently published PWC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook to 2016 revealed that usage of these handheld web-enabled devices is soaring.   It noted that around the world, 40 per cent of money spent on accessing the web went towards mobile internet and data packages in 2011. Meanwhile, those behind the study predicted that 46 per cent of online spend will be used on mobile broadband access by 2016.   A convenient solution    It seems that many consumers see mobiles as a convenient solution when it comes to accessing the internet. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, senior partner of Entertainment and Media at PwC Phil Stokes said: “We in Europe have a legacy infrastructure and mobiles are generally the secondary device, but [even in the UK] we are increasingly seeing some people thinking their mobiles will do everything they need.”   He added: “The simple fact is that smartphones really have caught the public desire. Access to the internet [on mobiles] is becoming a commodity like gas.”

Sourcing top quality storage

Whether you’re looking for leisure lockers, changing room lockers or workplace lockers, you’ve come to the right place. Here at 3D Lockers we know that when people use items like this, they expect the very best. Whether they are storing their possessions while at work, during sessions at the gym or anything else, they need to know their belongings are safe.   After all, if security is breached, they stand to lose money, expensive equipment and also the personal data they have stored on their devices. This can be hugely troublesome and costly to rectify.

Plenty of choice

As well as focussing on quality, we also provide a superb range of items for you to choose from. You can peruse a selection of metal and plastic units and take your pick from products intended for gyms, staff rooms, schools and other environments. Meanwhile, our workplace lockers come in a range of colours and sizes, from full-size single-door items to smaller units intended for personal effects.   It may well be important for you to opt for products that come with effective locking systems to help deter potential thieves. As long as you think carefully about the sort of lockers you need and choose high-quality products, you should be able to achieve the results you’re after.

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