The Unique Benefits of Plastic Lockers

If you are in charge of an establishment which needs to make provision for the storage of employees’ or guests’ valuables then you will most likely have to look into the prospect of getting locker units installed. If you take a little time to research the subject however, you will soon find that plastic lockers are now widely considered to be the best all-round locker solution of choice these days.

But why is this? Why make use of plastic locker units when metal variants have long been the most popular and economical option?   Well, whilst metal lockers do indeed have a number of advantages, plastic solutions are able to provide a number of unique benefits.

More robust

One of the most appealing benefits of plastic locker solutions is that they are typically far more robust than metal. Indeed, the relatively thin doors that feature on some of the more cost-effective metal variants are relatively easy to dent and scratch. Plastic on the other hand can be manufactured to be extremely thick (and thereby incredibly durable) for very little cost; therefore, it can provide you with a suitable storage solution which looks better and lasts longer.

More adaptable

Another great feature of plastic locker units is that they are also far more adaptable to varying climates than metal. To be sure, plastic locker solutions can be exposed to any temperature and any amount of water without suffering adverse effects such as rust. This means that plastic locker units are far and away the best storage solution for damp and humid environments such as leisure centres, swimming pools and even off-shore on oil rigs.

More secure

It is fair to say that plastic storage lockers are actually more secure than the metal variants which are offered at the bottom end of the market. Indeed, the hinges and doors on plastic locker units are incredibly strong so the chances of them being compromised by opportunistic thieves or vandals are very slim indeed.   More hassle-free plastic locker solutions require very little in the way of maintenance. In fact, plastic only needs a quick rub down to make it look as good as new. This makes it a very hygienic option; so again, plastic solutions are a particularly good option for places like swimming pools and gymnasiums. Ultimately, they are a completely hassle-free and attractive storage option.   So, now that you know why plastic locker units are so desirable, all you need to do is find the right place to source them from.

Fortunately for you, you already have.

We here at 3D Lockers specialise in supplying high quality, long-lasting plastic locker solutions to a range of different industry sectors including retail, leisure, education, office, medical, scientific and the emergency services. Our locker units are available in a range of sizes and combinations so you can be sure that we will be able to provide you with the exact right storage solutions to suit your establishment’s own particular needs.

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