Boost your green credentials with new bike shelters

There’s no doubting the fact that cycling is becoming more popular in the UK and lots of people now choose to travel to work on two wheels. As an employer, it may pay off for you to invest in new bike shelters for your personnel. As well as boosting fitness among your workers, you can demonstrate that your company is promoting green policies.   After all, the more bikes there are on the roads, the fewer cars are needed, meaning emissions are reduced and congestion is decreased.

The benefits of bikes

Commenting on the growing use of bikes among commuters in the UK, Cycle Insurance recently listed some of the benefits associated with this form of travel.

It remarked: “There are many reasons that cycling is becoming increasingly popular, and many benefits owning a bike can bring. As well as saving money on fuel and parking as mentioned above, a bicycle is a lot cheaper to purchase than a car or a motorbike, and does not damage the environment when running, making it the greenest mode of transport other than walking.”   The firm added: “With the costs of fuel always quick to rise and slow to fall, and parking spaces becoming rarer and rarer, being able to glide past motorists who are stuck in a traffic jam whilst on a bicycle in the cycle lane does have a certain appeal.”

Time saving

Cycle Insurance also noted that people can save time by peddling to their offices. It said: “Riding a bike to work is faster than walking and often quicker (and far cheaper!) than driving or using public transport.”

Health benefits

Meanwhile, the organisation drew attention to the health benefits associated with frequent journeys by bike. About this, it stated: “There are… many health benefits to be had from a daily cycle ride, and the adrenalin and endorphins produced when exercising in this way are sure to create a good mood for work.”

No fuss

You might have been delaying investing in new bike shelters because of fears the process would be complicated and time consuming. However, if you come to us to buy them, you will find the process to be simple and quick.   Here at 3D Lockers we appreciate the importance of offering an effective and efficient service and before you know it, your bike shelters of choice could be in place.

Bike lockers?

One of the products you might be interested in is our biker locker. It provides security not only for bikes, but also for riders’ helmets and clothing. When bikes are placed in these enclosures, they cannot be seen or touched by potential thieves or vandals. They also help to protect bikes from the elements.   These storage lockers are fitted with a patented mounting hoop that uses gravity to hold bikes upright and they are made from heavy duty galvanised steel.   To find out more about bike shelters and the other products we sell, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch.