Improve workplace security with Personal Effects Lockers

The importance of security in today’s workplace is becoming more and more vital.  Employees will no doubt have one or more personal items or valuables with them when they arrive at work which need storing away in a personal effects locker.  Whether it’s a mobile phone, a wallet/purse, iPod or mp3 device, cameras or car keys, these personal items provide thieves with an increased temptation to steal.  The retail, education, warehouse and industrial industries as well as offices up and down the country are just a few examples of where workplace security needs to be assessed.  Staff want to feel safe at work and confident and that they can take personal possessions into their place of work without fear.

That’s why here at 3D Lockers we realise a way of improving workplace security is to provide suitable storage facilities for small items such as personal effects lockers and we have a fantastic range to choose from!  Our small compartment personal effects lockers are a great choice when secure storage is required.  Available in 20, 28 or 40 compartments these personal effects lockers offer an economical solution to storage problems and are ideal to use as staff lockers.

If you require something a little more technical we also have charging personal effects and mobile phone lockers.  These prove popular with our customers working in the police force or with the MOD.  These lockers combine high security storage along with a charging facility which is ideal when mobile phones are used frequently and need to be kept fully charged.  Door perforations can be added to make locker contents viewable.

Installing good quality storage lockers and allows staff to store their personal items securely without worry of loss or theft, eliminating many problems which could arise if storage were not provided.  Moreover offices and workplaces can be kept looking smart and professional with our stylish lockers.  We are sure we have a colour or door configuration to suit you!

All of our personal effects lockers and mobile phone lockers come with BioCote antibacterial protection as standard.  A powder coated paint finish incorporating the antibacterial solution is applied during manufacture.  This helps reduce the risk of harmful germs spreading leading to illness.

If you have a locker requirement or are interested in our small compartment lockers then please call our 3D Lockers sales team on 01924 240291.  Quantity discounts are available!