With Further Investment In UK Construction, Are You Prepared With Wire Mesh Lockers?

To ensure that workers always have the PPE they require available for use at all times, as well as spares in the eventuality that they are needed, it is beneficial to have proper wire mesh lockers in place on site. This prevents workers taking PPE home, leaving it in vans, etc.

The recent budget announcements just topped off an already great looking year for the UK construction industry, with the Government’s Help to Buy scheme increasing the number of new homes being built, and boosting profits for building firms nationwide, allowing them to expand and grow as the economy begins its recovery.

The HS2 plans have also proven to be beneficial to the economy and employment figures, with work planned for as early as 2017. The construction of such a large scale project is estimated to result in the creation of 9,000 construction jobs during 2017, and the workforce for the project is said to potentially grow to almost 13,000 in 2018/19.

All this is great news for our economy and for the building industry, but one thing that hasn’t been considered by many firms is how the sites will cope with the added manpower.

The number of workers needed to accommodate the growth in the building and manufacturing industries is increasing significantly due to the constant investment in the flourishing sectors, and those workers have needs.

Health and safety regulations require all workers to have personal protective equipment (PPE) available at all times during their work on the site, and depending on the nature of the job this could include high visibility jackets and trousers, steel toe capped boots, hard hats, etc.

The best storage solutions for safety clothing and other safety equipment are in the form of onsite wire mesh lockers. These garment lockers are especially designed to suit the modern construction site and worker’s needs. The wire mesh allows for good ventilation to allow soiled and damp clothing to air while being stored securely and visibly.

These wire mesh lockers are ideal for uniform storage, and are available with a range of features such as hat shelf, coat rail and garment hook for optimized uniform storage.

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