How Compliant Are Your Metal Lockers?

There are many things to consider when buying metal lockers such as their construction, will they be strong enough and will they last?  Along with door colours, locking options and sizes.  But how compliant are your metal lockers?  Here at 3D Lockers we can offer a huge range of metal lockers  which are BS 4680 approved, CE marked and manufactured in the UK.  Its important to take note that not all  storage lockers can meet these requirements.

Clothes Lockers

BS 4680 is the British Standard for clothes lockers and all our metal lockers have been tested and conform to the requirements for clothes lockers.  The product must meet a number of key criteria covering dimensions, material, construction and finish, locking, fittings and ventilation.

CE Marking and Laptop Lockers

CE marking features on all of our laptop lockers.  They have been tested and passed using BS 6396:2008.  This means that our manufacturers meet all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation implementing certain European Directives.  Most schools and businesses look for CE marking when considering buying a laptop locker or laptop trolley.

UK Manufacturing

A UK manufacturing base gives our products a significant advantage over imported lockers.  This ensures you receive quality products and the highest level of service.  We seek to minimise the environmental impact of our activities through the prevention of pollution, minimizing waste, promoting good environmental management practices and using environmental management systems which are audited through ISO 14001.

If you have a requirement  for any of our metal lockers or storage products please contact our sales team or visit

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