Atlas lockers launch a new simple method of camlock replacement.

How many times have we heard the famous words “We need some replacement keys for our lockerscan you help us!”. It doesnt matter what type of establishment you are providing lockers for schools,offices, gyms or the workplace,it’s inevitable that overtime someone is going to lose their locker key. Most camlocks come with 2 keys provided with the lock in the first instance. It’s not so bad when the first key goes missing and even for emergency situations a masterkey override can provide emergency access to a locker compartment when a key is lost. But once the second key goes missing then new keys will need to be ordered up.

For the most part new locker keys can easily be cut to suit the existing camlock by matching up the serial number usually printed on the front face around the lock itself. Unless the key is broken in the lock or the lock is not functioning correctly, there is no need other than for security reasonsto replace the lock itself.Unfortunately the Atlas locker has a unique kind of key which cannot be cut in the UK and so once replacement keys are required, the complete camlock unit has to be removed and replaced with a brand new lock and 2 new keys. The action of replacing the unit isnot such a difficult operationin itself, it issimply the fact that you were starting from scratch with a whole new unit just because keys havebeen lost.

Atlas have now announced that they have come up with a brand new solution which not only overcomes the key replacementissue, but also saves a lot of time and expense when a camlock is damaged and would normally have to be replaced. A simple service key allows the removal of the internal barrel with one simple twist. A replacement barrel can simply be slotted into the existing cam.This is a really great solution because by combining the replacement of keys with a new barrel at the same time, locker security isincreasedat little additional cost.Afterall who knows if the missing keys could turn up in the wrong hands at a later date. Perhaps other lock providers will stand up and take note.