Get creative with colour door lockers!

If you thought all lockers had to come in a uniform gunboat grey, think again. More and more of us are choosing to have this storage in more than one colour, our colour door lockers have fantastic results.

This means that, along with a number of other factors, colour is now something else you have to consider when making choices about storage lockers, along with material used, how secure they are, size, numbers, height, and so on.

What’s more, the range of hues available in today’s marketplace is far greater than you may have imagined, so you aren’t even confined to the kinds of primary colours you’d expect, like red, yellow and blue. Instead, think oranges and pinks, among other colours.

This also means that your choice of colour door locker can make a real difference to the decor and look and feel of the room they’re in, and transform an otherwise drab and functional space with, say, zingy yellows and oranges. Colour can add warmth to a room as well.

You could have a bank of lockers where they all have different door colours, creating a modern upbeat appearance. These look particularly good when you buy school lockers, or ones for colleges, and what’s more the students love them – and are much likelier to use, enjoy having and, crucially, look after college lockers they like.

Pupils can choose which colour door locker they want, giving them a better sense of ownership, and different colours help remind people of which lockers is theirs!

Of course, the colour you decide on will depend to a large extent on the environment you are buying your locker for.

Bright colour door lockers may not be appropriate for every setting, in which case you are perhaps better off going for something a bit more restrained, such as grey or black, or a muted duck egg blue. Or how about a smart dark blue for a professional appearance?

The key thing is that, when it comes to choosing a locker colour, you have more options than ever before, so the choice really can be yours, whether you’re buying staff lockers, sports lockers or anything else.