How kids lockers can improve your soft play centre

If you run a soft play centre, then you’ll want to meet the needs of parents, guardians and carers as much as you meet the needs of children. It’s all too easy to focus on providing a fun environment for play, but if adults don’t enjoy the experience then they’ll be very unlikely to return. Put yourself in the shoes of a toddler’s parent and you’ll quickly discover just how difficult a trip to a soft play centre can actually become.

In some soft play centres, mums and dads are left carrying heavy bags and shoes whilst chasing after their child to keep him or her out of trouble. It’s not easy keeping a young whirlwind under control with your hands full, and should that toddler need their nappy changing it’s often just as difficult to squeeze into a small baby changing room with a tot, a changing bag and a whole host of other belongings. Parents often end up carrying huge bags wherever they go, and when they’re also dealing with shoes and coats they can find themselves unable to relax.

How can kids lockers help?

Many parents and guardians claim that kids lockers are high on their list of desired features when they’re visiting a soft play centre. It can be a massive relief to enter a play area, put everything into a locker and know that it’s safe whilst the children are playing. With their own access to their belongings, adults can return to lockers to take out whatever they need at their own convenience.

What kind of kids lockers should you buy?

The bigger the lockers, the better. Bear in mind that parents carry a lot with them, and that lockers that are too small aren’t any use at all. A baby changing bag, when full, can easily take up a space equivalent to approximately 35 litres. On top of that, the locker will need to include space for shoes and coats. Of course, you also have the option to provide two separate types of storage lockers, with one set of small metal lockers suitable just for shoes and with a larger option for those with a lot more to store.

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