The importance of having the right golf storage lockers

There’s a bit of a myth about golf being a sport that is only for the wealthy. It’s true that exclusive clubs do exist where the annual membership fees are high and the waiting list to join is long – many years in some cases. But there are hundreds of smaller clubs around the UK with modest joining fees for members, as well as municipal and public courses where anyone can just turn up and play.

You don’t need a lot of money to play golf but what can’t be denied is that golf equipment is expensive. Yes, you can buy cheaper clubs, balls and equipment from large discount stores, but even then, it still adds up to buy all you need. The average set of golf clubs can easily set you back between £300 and £500 and some golfers will spend as much as £350 on a driver alone.

For this reason, golfers on the whole take great care of their equipment, which is why club members and visitors alike want to know that their clubs, and everything else, are safely stored in golf club lockers when not in use. Thieves know how valuable golf equipment is and will often target clubhouses knowing that they’ll always find a buyer for golf clubs at a knock-down price, with no questions asked.

As well as the quality of the greens and the challenge of the course itself, members and visitors attach a lot of importance to the standard of the facilities at clubhouses, including the changing rooms and the availability of good golf storage lockers. If your clubhouse lockers are showing their age or no longer fit for purpose, then installing a new set of wooden golf storage lockers, or metal ones, will transform your facilities and be warmly welcomed by members and visitors.

Calling in expert help from 3D Lockers means you can be assured you’re getting quality products manufactured to BS standards, in a colour, finish and style to suit your décor and budget. Golf lockers need to be hardwearing and secure, but should also look good; timber effect laminates such as Oak and Ash can be perfect for this setting. Golf club lockers can also be designed to complement existing bench and island seating and other equipment.