Three ways that metal phone lockers could benefit your business

Nowadays, smartphones are part of everything we do. Unfortunately for employers, however, they are also a major pain in the workplace. To get around this, lots of companies are now installing metal phone lockers in their offices, as they really can have a very positive effect on staff. So, here are three ways that secure metal phone lockers could benefit your business.

1. Keep your employees focused

It”s no secret that people take their smartphones everywhere with them, but this also means that they can be a major distraction in a working environment. By installing metal phone lockers, you”re removing this distraction from the workplace, causing your employees to work harder and get more done in the working day.

2. Cut down on crime

Crime can be a major issue in the modern workplace. With flexible hours meaning that staff come and go as they please, and with new innovations like hot-desking, the days of the traditional 9-5 at the desk are almost over. This brings with it a number of challenges, of which security is one. By installing metal phone lockers, you”re giving your employees somewhere to store their more expensive belongings, which can help to make everyone feel safer, and can reduce crime in the short and long term. Making your employees feel safer at work will also increase their productivity, as they will feel cared for by the company.

3. Inspire your workforce

Installing metal phone lockers at your office or call centre can really inspire your workers to be more productive and loyal to the company. Lockers are an addition to the workplace that will really benefit your employees, by helping to cut down on crime and giving them their own personal space. This demonstrates to your staff that you care about their wellbeing, which in turn will motivate them to work harder for your business or brand. This also encourages loyalty, too, as businesses that look after and care for their employees are more likely to retain them. Over time, this has a very positive effect, not only in increasing productivity, but in retaining staff and providing stability for your workplace.

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