Outdoor lockers – where can they be used?

Outdoor lockers are suitable for use in a number of environments, and bring with them many benefits for their users and the company or institution that’s installing them. So, let’s take a closer look at where outdoor lockers can be used.

School grounds

Schools are the ideal place for outdoor lockers, and bring a lot of benefits for your students, staff, and the school itself. Using outdoor lockers instead of indoor lockers keeps your corridors clean and tidy, and still gives your students an ideal place for their belongings. They are also very useful placed outside changing rooms, as they give the students somewhere to place their dirty clothes before entering school property. You can also use outdoor lockers to promote a healthy lifestyle in your school. As they are available with added bike racks, they help to encourage students to bike to school, helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Holiday parks and leisure centres

Outdoor storage lockers are also extremely well suited to holiday parks and leisure centres. Using outdoor lockers gives guests or other people using the outdoor equipment a safe place to keep their belongings, which can easily be accessed without needing to go back inside the complex or centre. In addition, it means that they have somewhere to store their muddy or wet outdoor gear, preventing them from making the corridors or changing rooms dirty.

Industrial settings

Outdoor lockers are also very well suited to industrial settings, like oil rigs and factories. They provide a suitable place for workers to store personal belongings whilst working, like mobile phones, wallets and bags, but still make it easy for them to access their belongings if they need them. Additionally, the added bonus of a washdown area makes them ideal for situations in which workers might be dealing with unpleasant or hazardous materials and need to wash down after work, for example on oil rigs or refineries. You wouldn’t even need to worry about the weather, as our outdoor lockers can also come with canopies to protect them from the elements, which is especially useful if out at sea on an oil rig, or if they’re used in temporary workplaces, like on building and construction sites.

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