Are small storage lockers right for your office?

The workplace can be a busy place especially when employees bring in gym bags, coats, laptops, lunch bags etc.  Keeping the office tidy can be difficult with so many obstacles in the way.  So, why not install small storage lockers in your office? Mobile phone lockers and personal effects lockers are a great way of keeping staff valuables locked away.  Here’s three reasons why this would be a good idea.

1. It will encourage exercise during work hours

Today, it’s a common thing for employees to do exercise during their lunch break, whether that’s simply going for a walk, a run, or using a nearby gym. Studies show that employees that take a break and do some exercise come back to work with improved productivity, so it’s in your interests as their employer to encourage it – and that’s where small storage lockers come in. By providing your employees somewhere safe and secure to keep their personal belongings, like their handbags, wallet, and mobile phone, you’re encouraging them to use their lunch break productively, and improving their workplace performance at the same time!

2. They don’t take up too much space

When people think of storage lockers, they picture giant ones, like those in school corridors or sports centre changing rooms. However, our small storage lockers are compact, and can fit neatly into even the smallest of office spaces. They’re designed primarily for mobile phones and tablet devices, as well as wallets, small bags and purses, and other small valuables like jewellery. This means you don’t have to worry about your storage lockers taking up too much space, and can instead concentrate on the benefits they can have for your workplace.

3. They will brighten up your office space
Small storage lockers are great for staff morale, as our storage lockers come in a huge range of door colours.  A burst of colour is sure to boost productivity and organisation. Cool blues, pastel yellow & turquoise, bright red and more are sure to suit any office environment.  A lot of businesses choose colours to match their company logo or a colour to create a calming atmosphere.

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