Safe locker options for all your wet area needs

Having your stuff stolen from the gym or at a public swimming pool is a cause of anxiety for many who enjoy such activities. For many reasons, it is just not possible to keep your phone or wallet on your person while having fun around water,  One must depend upon the safe locker provided.

Some places do the bare minimum to ensure a safe locker is available.  No matter how rusty, unusable, or downright unhygienic they may be. But providing customers with good-quality, reassuring storage facilities is a sign of an establishment that cares about its patrons. The following is a list of benefits that prove an ‘any-locker-will-do’ attitude is unacceptable when you have your customers’ best interests at heart.

Good lockers can prevent rusting

Our metal lockers – made from galvanised steel – can help to prevent rusting in wet and humid environments. Rust is unsightly, and – while not posing any direct health risks – makes your establishment look poorly managed and maintained. No one wants to put their flash new smartphone in lockers that look like they were trendy in the Bronze Age. Your customers may begin to think the whole building is in a state of disrepair.

Chlorine-resistant camlocks can prevent acid damage

Security is, of course, the raison d’etre of lockers. In a wet area where chlorine is in abundance, a lock may either seize up or come loose. Locks can get jammed and you may be left with patrons not being able to get their equipment out of their locker. If you want to maintain the safety and assurance of a locker even in these difficult environments, our chlorine-resistant camlocks on our laminate locker range are the perfect choice.

Easily washable

It can be a big drain on resources to employ cleaners that spend hours slaving away on impossible-to-clean surfaces. There are some materials that make it very difficult and time-consuming to stay hygienic, harbouring dirt and bacteria that just refuse to be picked up. If you want lockers that are easy to clean while looking bright and striking, our plastic lockers require minimum maintenance, and come in a wide range of colours.