How installing work lockers can improve employee performance

Work lockers are a great way to increase security in the office. The risk of any problems with theft or loss of valuables is reduced. But did you know that installing lockers can also increase employee performance? Having their own work lockers can help staff to feel more secure. Read on for all the details.

No more constant phone checking

Smartphones and tablets can be great tools for keeping in touch and staying connected. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the main causes of workplace distractions. Providing secure work lockers means staff won’t be glued to their phone all day. Less phone time means more time spent working. Furthermore, staff won’t be distracted by constant notifications and messages.

Less worries about security

Worries about security can distract your employees from their work. Especially in large offices with a high turnover of staff. Knowing that their valuables are locked away, safe and sound, will make employees feel happier and therefore more secure at work. This makes them perfect for call centres or open plan offices where employees don’t have a fixed desk. The lack of desk storage will be made up for by providing work lockers. These can be kept away from the main office area, saving space and creating a more open environment.

Feeling more valued

Investing in new workplace furniture is a way of investing in your staff. Hold a meeting to ask employees whether they think lockers would be useful. They’ll appreciate you asking for their input. This can help you decide on the size and location of work lockers you purchase. Seeing you spend time and money on improving things will make your employees feel valued. This should increase loyalty and also productivity – happy employees will always work better.