Why your business needs a janitor’s cabinet

Regardless of the nature of your business, a janitor’s cabinet is an essential piece of equipment. It might not seem like it at first glance, but there are a host of benefits to investing in one.

However, they all offer these three benefits:

Health and safety

Cleaning equipment can often contain a variety of toxic chemicals. A janitor’s cabinet gives you somewhere to store all of those cleaning chemicals safely and out of the way where they are not going to be easily disturbed.

Janitor’s cabinets offer a lockable place to store mops, buckets and cleaning products. A central secure place to store these items means it is less likely there will be an accident if they are left lying around the workplace.


When there’s a job to be done it’s always much more efficient to know where everything you need is before you start. Invest in a janitorial cabinet so you can spend more time cleaning and less time spent looking for bottles of bleach and floor cleaner.

It also means you’re much more easily able to take note of your cleaning supplies and restock ahead of time. A dirty business presents a very poor image to customers, so you never want to run out of cleaning supplies. Lockable janitors’ closets will also make sure only authorised personnel have access.


Having a dedicated space in the working environment has a positive impact on employees. Which is why it’s such an important benefit to remember.

Invest in a janitorial closet to show that you understand the value of your staff and of the job they are doing. If you’re a good employer, anything you can do to boost employee morale is something that should be on your radar.