Improving security with the power of padlocks

If your business already has a set of high-quality storage lockers, you can feel confident that your office equipment and your employees’ possessions are safe from theft and accidental damage. Lockers are perfect for protecting both company property and personal items.

However, it’s always possible to make your lockers even more secure. We firmly believe that doing so is always worthwhile.

One of the simplest ways to make your storage lockers more secure is to invest in padlocks. Here are the unique benefits associated with padlocks and how they can make your storage lockers safer.

1. Two locks are better than one

Most storage lockers come with built-in locks. However, it’s possible for criminals to pick locks or simply force them open. Luckily, it’s much harder for a prospective thief to overcome two locks than one. A padlock can act as a second lock when attached to a storage locker. As a result, they can help to prevent deliberate acts of theft.

2. Replacing damaged locks can be fast and easy

What can you do if a lock breaks? Most storage lockers are built to be as sturdy as possible. But lock-breaking accidents can sometimes occur anyway. Alternatively, a lock may be broken during a deliberate break-in attempt. Under normal circumstances, this would leave the locker vulnerable. However, if you have a padlock, you can simply attach it to the locker. Padlocks make perfect substitutes for ordinary locks in emergencies.

3. Deterring criminals is just as effective as stopping them

Padlocks are much more effective deterrents than ordinary locks. They look sturdy and slightly foreboding. This can often put off would-be thieves. Attaching padlocks to your lockers doesn’t just stop criminals breaking into them: it stops them from even trying.

Here at 3D lockers, we sell a wide range of lockers that are ideal for schools, gyms, call centres and office environments. We also offer a range of padlocks than can be used to make them more secure. Whether you need a completely new set of security lockers or just want to pick up a few padlocks, take a look at our product pages today.