The advantages of using PPE storage cabinets and cupboards

Many workplaces have to supply personal protective equipment or PPE to their employees. This can include everything from safety boots and hard hats to goggles, gloves and also coveralls.

Most staff will need to wear their PPE all the time or carry it with them. It is compulsory in some workplaces to have PPE storage cabinets or cupboards. And even where it isn’t compulsory, it can be a very good idea to provide one or more PPE storage cabinets or cupboards in the workplace. Keep the work area tidy and moreover staff know where to go to access the right equipment for their job.

Advantages of PPE storage:

• First of all, our PPE storage cabinets have bright blue doors with a silver carcass and full PPE signage. They stand out in the workshop and are easy for everyone to find. In addition, consistent colouring across all of your PPE storage will increase efficiency in the workplace.

• Keep your business tidy with specialist cupboards that are designed to hold PPE. Choose from shelving for boots, hats and helmets or wardrobe cabinets for clothing, or a mix of the two.

• With 3 point security locking, you can prevent theft and be sure that only the people who should be able to use your PPE can gain access to it.

• Clear storage and at a glance shelving makes it easy for your health and safety department to keep track of all of your personal protective equipment, stock take and reorder when stocks are low.

• Our PPE cabinets and cupboards are easy to keep clean with galvanised interior shelving as well as compartments. Furthermore Antibacterial paint finish also comes as standard for a hygienic workplace.

• Each cabinet has clear PPE labelling, allowing everyone to quickly select the right equipment for every job.

PPE cupboards and cabinets from 3D Lockers, you have plenty of options to store away your personal protective equipment. From small or large cabinets, clothing and equipment cabinets to general storage. All are made from robust, long lasting steel. To find out more, get in touch today.