Wire mesh storage lockers: five uses for this multipurpose storage solution

Wire mesh storage lockers are a great lightweight storage solution for businesses. They allow safekeeping of shared equipment, which prevents workers from accidentally taking gear home. How many times have you been told something has gone walkabout when it should have been in its allocated place?

So let’s look at the top five uses for lockable wire mesh cupboards:

1. PPE

However trustworthy your staff may be, personal protective equipment goes missing. Keeping hard hats, hi-vis jackets and the like in a visible yet secure location puts an end to this. Being able to see into wire mesh storage lockers also saves time locating items in the first place.

2. Documents

Folders go missing too because you can never remember where you put them. Sticking them in a wire mesh storage unit means they remain safely behind lock and key, and yet instantly visible. Just remember to label the spines for added efficiency.

3. Tools

Items that are used daily tend to move about a lot. So long as you have a clear policy of what goes where at the end of the day, you can make sure everything is where it should be. Simply assign the role of inventory-checker to somebody you trust and their job will become a hundred times easier with cupboards they can see through.

4. Wet items

Wire mesh storage lockers are ventilated which means these storage units are ideal for airing wet clothes. You can hang damp uniforms and clothing to dry when not in use.

5. Personal items

Buy an extra unit or two for workers to use as personal lockers. So long as they each have their own key it’s just as secure as any normal locker for things they’ll need on breaks such as lunchboxes, coffee canisters and books. Maybe reserve a safe for particularly valuable items you or your workers might want to keep extra secure. Or best still, tell them to leave such items at home.