Wire mesh cupboards for those who work in all weather

Thanks to our great British weather, the odds are that if your workplace includes the great outdoors, you’ve probably experienced returning to base in wet clothes, or with sodden equipment. Squelchy boots, soaked outerwear , or tools which you just want to chuck into a corner and leave to dry.

The problem is that in areas which experience high traffic, valuable items – even those which are damp – need to be kept somewhere secure. A conventional, solid walled locker is not an option. This is because its secure box stops the circulation of air which is so vital to the drying process. Those molecules of water try to evaporate, and remain stuck inside the locked box. This creates a permanently damp environment which is completely unsuitable for your valuable work assets.

This is where wire mesh cupboards come in. At 3D Lockers, our wire mesh cupboards are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If maintaining corporate colours, or creating a colourful environment is important, you’ll be pleased to know that we can accommodate this. The metal used in the construction of mesh lockers enjoys the benefits of BZP or Bright Zinc Plating. This galvanises our strong base metal with a layer of water-resistant zinc. Zinc plating offers superior rust and oxidisation resistance. This makes them ideal for stowing equipment which isn’t completely dry. You can then choose to add a splash of colour with epoxy paint coatings. Epoxy is a paint which dries to a plasticised finish. This  copes well with the demands of damp items and areas where there’s a high chance of moisture being part of the environment.

Free-flowing air can make its way through the mesh, sweeping away the moisture, and drying the items secured safely inside. No more worrying about wet uniforms or tools going mouldy in a damp storeroom. Just smart and presentable storage which is both practical and attractive.

As well as being lightweight for easy transport, our wire mesh cupboards are the perfect solution for people whose active jobs need storage, no matter what the weather throws at you.