Tips for Keeping your Business Bike Shelter Clean and Tidy

A bicycle shelter is an excellent solution for businesses. They promote a healthier workforce and encourage a more environmentally conscious commute. However, it’s important that a bike shelter represents your business well – after all, they’re an extension of your workplace. Here’s how to promote a clean and tidy shelter for your staff to use responsibly.

Install a receptacle

Unfortunately, any outdoor storage solution can attract litter. Sometimes employees rushing into work in the morning can be forgetful, to say the least. Installing a bin will reduce litter accumulating in the area and ensures rubbish doesn’t interfere or damage the bikes that will be kept inside of it.

Provide cleaning wipes or tissues

Installing a wipe or tissue dispenser can keep coffee spills bay. In the summer, cyclists will surely appreciate wipes on hand to give their bikes a quick clean down before coming into the office. As well as this, any spills that can happen with morning coffee, drinks or any food can be easily cleaned. Your bike shelter, and the bikes within it, will look clean and smell fresh.

Maintain ergonomic, quality bike racks

Maintain all bicycle racks – if you don’t have enough racks to hold parked bikes, or some of the bike racks have damage, cyclists may be forced to simply cram their bikes wherever they fit.

Also, this can lead to an unsafe and untidy shelter that doesn’t look good. It also leaves bikes vulnerable to damage which your employees may blame the business for. Make sure your bike rack system is in good condition and provides enough room for anybody who wishes to use it.

Sweep the shelter regularly

Particularly in the colder months, dirty or muddy tyres can bring mess into the bike shelter. Dead leaves can simply blow in. If this mess isn’t swept away, the constant flow of cycles coming into the shelter will compress it and also cause the dirt to build over time. Therefore, make sure to regularly sweep your shelter to ensure it’s looking fresh and professional all year round.

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