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Top tips for maximising COSHH cabinet safety

A COSHH cabinet has been made to COSHH specification. COSHH stands for Control Of Substances Harmful to Health. It is a health and safety directive which aims to minimise potential contact with harmful or toxic substances. A COSHH cabinet is useful in a wide variety of businesses, educational establishments and

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How cage lockers will make your life easier

There are some items that a business needs to invest in to make everyone’s life easier, including lockers. You can use lockers for a wide variety of different reasons, but there are some situations where regular lockers won’t work as effectively as cage lockers. Streamline your business Lockers, in general, will

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Improving security with the power of padlocks

If your business already has a set of high-quality storage lockers, you can feel confident that your office equipment and your employees’ possessions are safe from theft and accidental damage. Lockers are perfect for protecting both company property and personal items. However, it’s always possible to make your lockers even

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