Why you should make your business bike-friendly with cycle racks

Cycling is a great way to incorporate exercise into both leisure and daily work routines. Communities are becoming more eco-friendly and experiencing integration. Your business can embrace a biking culture in the workplace: Provide safe cycle racks for bikes. Improve employee satisfaction and also help expand your existing customer base.

Below are five reasons why you should invest in cycle racks for your business.

1. Many people are turning to cycling

You may notice a growing number of cyclists on the roads. Bicycle commuting is a growing trend in many urban centres in the UK and beyond. By installing bike racks on your business premises, you can encourage your staff to cycle to work with peace of mind that they can store their bike safely.

2. Engaging the community

Many cities in the UK and around the world encourage alternative means of transportation. When businesses hop on board it can help shape lives and the culture in the local area for the better. Support more active lifestyles and moreover help reduce carbon emissions by installing cycle racks on your premises.

3. Healthy and happy employees

The vigorous nature of cycling will help keep your employees healthy and active. Thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and also heart disease. Cycle racks will also help them build exercise into their daily schedule. Energetic activities such as biking are known to enhance creativity and improve mental health.

4. Cultivate your image

Supporting cycling among your employees can enhance the image of your brand. Those which make positive steps for the environment are seen as forward-looking and progressive. You could start with regular bike loops and later set up a cycle rack inside a bike shelter to keep bicycles under cover.

5. Optimise space

You might find your employees parking in the wrong places or chaining their bicycles to railings or fences if there is no proper bike storage. This could cause damage or obstructions to road traffic or pedestrians. Cycle racks will therefore ensure that your space is used more efficiently.

By embracing the growing cycling culture, you may just find your workforce becomes healthier and happier and that also your brand’s image is improved too. Find out more by getting in touch today or browse our cycle rack range here.