Industrial mesh lockers can eliminate the chance of bad odours in your workplace

There are many reasons why you should not settle for bad odours in your workplace. This includes the fact that it can be off-putting for visitors, as well as that unpleasant smells can have a serious impact on productivity. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to control such aromas. Especially when staff have to store items such as wets coats and muddy shoes upon arriving into work.

Luckily, there’s a solution: industrial mesh lockers. Let’s look at three ways these units can help eliminate bad odours in your workplace.


Festering is what happens when, let’s say, a colleague throws their damp bag into a corner upon arriving at work. This causes more problems than you may think. Especially as liquid begins to seep out. Since it has nowhere to go, it just causes the problem to accelerate – ultimately creating a rancid damp stench. Don’t worry, this won’t happen when you use industrial mesh lockers because the liquid can drip to the floor before easily cleaning it up.


A normal locker doesn’t allow items to breathe. This is because they prevent a lack of access for fresh air. Air which can go some length to diffusing a bad smell when it comes into contact with offending items.

Industrial wire mesh lockers allow for a clear path for the fresh air to work its magic on any items you may store on the unit.


Units with a large surface area are prone to attracting dirt. This can happen when a person perhaps puts down a pair of muddy trainers before changing into their work shoes, meaning the spot becomes unclean. This won’t happen to the same extent with industrial mesh lockers. The wire surface is made to avoid becoming unclean. In the process making the units easier to maintain and excellent at avoiding smells.

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The odour-beating feature is just one reason why you need to invest in wire mesh lockers for your workplace. To check out a wide range of units that would be perfect for your needs, check out 3D Lockers.