4 Maintenance Tips To Help Your Bike Shelters Last For Years

You may have recently bought sleek bike shelters that everyone keeps on talking about. But what happens when it is no longer shiny? Or it becomes a financial liability or even a hazard at your workplace? To avoid this from happening, adopt the following methods that guarantee longevity for your bike storage.

Lubricate moving parts

Inspect all moving parts in your bike shelters and lubricate areas such as locks and hinges. Cycle canopies are prone to movement; hence take extra caution around the gates. Use odourless grease or silicone spray to ensure that the smell in your bike storage area does not turn away your employees or clients.

Check for damaged parts in your bicycle shelters

Make it a point to also check for any worn out or loose parts. Especially in your wall-mounted cycle racks and cycle loops. If you notice any faulty hooks and straps, replace them as soon as you can to avoid the damage from accelerating.

Clean your bike shelter

Clean bike storage spaces last longer than neglected ones. Spillages will encourage rust on your cycle racks, so make sure you have it cleaned. Request your cleaning staff to regularly wipe the cycle loops and cycle racks to prevent such damage from taking place.

Place reminders in your bicycle shelters

It is essential to put reminders in your bike shelters to alert users of simple ways of proper maintenance. For instance, request them to tightly secure their bike locks on the cycle loops. This will avoid them leaning on your cycle canopy’s walls and the cycle racks. Such measures will ensure that your bicycle shelters do not suffer any unnecessary harm due to improper bike storage.

Maintaining your bicycle shelters will ensure that you provide a safe storage solution for your clients and employees for years to come. But this will only prove useful if you purchase quality bike storage solutions from experts. Contact 3D Lockers for affordable cycle racks, loops and cycle canopies.