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How to clean out your school lockers

Has your school locker‘s previous recipient left you a messy locker this term? Has your shampoo or moisturiser leaked? Or maybe you’ve been a little disorganised lately – sometimes it’s easy to let things pile up. 3D Lockers offer durable, reliable school lockers that are built to last, but even our lockers

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How to identify your school lockers

Schools and academies are active throughout the summer holidays keen to get ready for the start of the new term and one of their many jobs will have been to make sure that the school has sufficient lockers and storage space to allocate to pupils on their return.  Various factors

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Location, Location, School Locker Location!

We all know that when purchasing a property location is important.  But should the location rule be applied when purchasing equipment such as school lockers or workplace lockers for staff in new or existing buildings. Due to the popular TV show presented by Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer, location was

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Schools Out! So Get Those Lockers In!

Its official! Schools and colleges are out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean that all work stops.  In fact now is the time to look at the maintenance and replacement of storage lockers for schools in educational establishments throughout the UK. 3D Lockers Marketing Director Heather Hart comments “You

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How School Lockers can Help to Bring Order from Chaos

If you are a head teacher then you will know better than anyone just how busy a school environment can be. Certainly, that moment when the bell rings for break or lunch time can unleash a furore of activity which is every bit as intense as a Tokyo morning rush hour.

Choosing School Lockers

With heavy textbooks and sports kits, children can have a lot of things to carry in their school bags. Thankfully, lockers are becoming increasingly commonplace in schools.