Choosing School Lockers

With heavy textbooks and sports kits, children can have a lot of things to carry in their school bags. Thankfully, lockers are becoming increasingly commonplace in schools. They offer a place for pupils to store their heavy belongings, while keeping them secure throughout the day. However, when choosing school lockers, there are certain considerations that should be made.

School lockers get much more usage than other lockers. They will be opened and closed by pupils several times a day, every day. They will also need to withstand knocks, bumps and overfilling. Choose school lockers that are made from a hardwearing and durable material that will last for many years.

While metal lockers are very common, they may not always be the best choice for schools. Metals lockers can be susceptible to dents, and rust can easily form on them. Lockers that contain vents in the door can help stop the formation of rust as a regular air flow throughout the locker can help stop condensation from building up. Plastic lockers are a good choice for schools as they are able to withstand bumps, are tamper proof, and do not have the problem of rust.

There are several options when it comes to securing school lockers. Key locks can become expensive, as they keys can easily be lost be pupils. Combination locks are more practical, but it’s essential that the combination is changed every time a new pupil uses the locker to prevent anyone else gaining access. The right kind of lockers will make a school more secure and comfortable for its pupils.

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