Why effective and secure school lockers are so important

School lockers have been around for a long time but they are arguably more important now than ever before. These days, teachers and pupils tend to take far more valuables into the school environment than they did in the past and classrooms are now much better equipped.

In years gone by, text books, wallets and keys were generally the priciest and most important possessions people left in their school lockers. These days, there are a multitude of items that potential thieves would love to get their hands on. The personal electronics market has boomed and now individuals of all ages tend to carry a multitude of devices around that are well worth stealing. From smartphones to tablet computers, laptops, e-readers, mp3 players and much more, there is no shortage of products for people to snatch.

Going wireless
The trend towards greater use of technology in schools was highlighted recently when a council in Scotland revealed it is to continue investing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). According to a report in the Kirriemuir Herald, Angus Council will carry on supplying funding to broaden ICT learning opportunities.

Last year, it provided £315,000 on a one-off basis to fund a number of ICT projects and further money will be made available this year. Thanks to the money, a number of primary schools have started using wireless technology, including wireless access points. Meanwhile, eight secondary schools have undergone similar developments.

Choice of technology
Councillor Neil Logue, director of education, noted that schools will have input into decisions made about the number and type of devices to be deployed. He said: “It is expected that this will be a combination of PCs, wireless laptops and wireless netbooks. It is estimated that the overall cost of this upgrade for wireless and non-wireless schools (who will have refreshed PCs) will be £214,000.”

Using the best lockers
If your school has impressive equipment like this, you’ll no doubt want to ensure it remains safe with a suitable school locker. Security breaches could have disastrous consequences not only for your budget, but also for your pupils’ education.

Also, there are all the gadgets that youngsters bring themselves from home and if these go missing because of inadequate changing room lockers and so on, you’ll have to face the wrath of angry parents.

Take your pick
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