How BioCote School Lockers reduce the risk of infection

The contraction of infections from equipment and fittings in the school environment is already recognised as a significant risk factor by headteachers and school managers in schools and colleges throughout the UK.  Whether the school is located in a brand new building or in an old Victorian building, it’s a known fact that germs are lurking everywhere.  Everyday children’s activities will expose them to potentially harmful germs from not only the most contaminated sites such as a computer mouse, tables and chairs, a keyboard, a bathroom sink (not to mention the dreaded school loos!), but also from everyday surfaces such as metal school lockers.  Both the steel locker door and the key area will be covered with millions of bacteria.  The fact is that pupils are touching the same surfaces everyday where bacteria collect  and coupled with the close proximity of pupils to one another, it’s no surprise that there are some bacteria present in schools which are capable of causing infections such as MRSA and Salmonella.  The spread of bacteria accounts for millions of school days lost each year, having a knock on effect on grades, quality of teaching and performance.

Here at 3D Lockers we understand the importance of reducing the risk of infection in the school environment and we see how essential it is to keep levels of illness in pupils and teachers as low as possible.  Good housekeeping and cleaning practices are no longer enough to combat bacterial contamination.  That’s why our school lockers have a unique patented antibacterial paint finish known as Biocote technology which is proven to be an effective method of reducing the spread of bacteria.  Prevention is better than cure and reducing the levels of bacteria in the environment can only be a good thing.

So what’s so good about an antibacterial paint finish?

  • In laboratory tests Biocote material regularly demonstrates the reduction in counts of E Coli, Salmonella and MRSA at greater than 95%
  • Antimicrobial technology does not wear out or wipe off surfaces meaning it can provide a long lasting effect.
  • BioCote protection makes the product more hygienic – critical to school environments.
  • Surfaces are protected against deterioration meaning lockers will be long lasting and durable.

BioCote technology has recently been proven effective against a 4th multi-drug resistant “superbug” CRE which causes huge problems in healthcare environments and can lead to human disease.  The ISO 22196 test demonstrated elimination of over 99.9% of the bacteria.

So that’s why our three tier school lockers, suitable for high schools, academies and colleges, as well as our Primary and Junior school three quarter height lockers all have BioCote incorporated in the powder coating process during manufacture to stop the growth of potentially harmful germs.

But it’s not only lockers for school pupils which need protection. Quite often staffrooms have Personal Effects lockers for teachers to store their handbags and keys, or canteen staff have clothes lockers to store their work wear clothing.   So that’s why all our metal lockers, including all our cabinets and cupboards now come with a microbial paint finish as standard.

So from school lockers to first aid cabinets we have your storage needs for schools covered along with combatting the spread of germs.  For further information on antibacterial paint or general enquiries for lockers please contact us at 3d Lockers.



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