The Laptop Lockers that every headteacher should know about!

As we all know technology is constantly evolving and more schools, academies and universities are using the latest electronic gadgets to deliver their curriculum. Gone are the blackboard and chalk days, today it’s all about laptops, i Pads and tablets to learn and keep class notes all in one place.  Providing portable IT equipment in our educational establishments can only be a good thing, but head teachers and school business managers need also to consider how and where to store laptops in a drive to reduce laptop theft by introducing laptop lockers.

Lock Laptops Away!

It may sound obvious but locking away IT equipment in laptop lockers when not in use is a simple way of bringing organisation and discipline to laptop storage and can help to reduce laptop theft in schools.  Many of today’s new build academies, schools and colleges have open plan areas to house their libraries and learning resource centres, making them easy targets for opportunistic thefts.  Laptops and notebooks are small and lightweight and can be secreted into student bags or hidden under coats making removal from the building all too commonplace.  So if you are looking for a solution for laptop storage then 3D Lockers have a range of lockers ideally suited to store laptops.  Full height 1800mm high lockers with either 10 or 15 compartments or 900mm high units with 5 doors are readily available.  Each individual laptop compartment is secured with a cam lock and 2 keys or a hasp and staple fitting for use with own padlock.  Laptop lockers can be used for storage only or can have charging facilities with a 3 pin socket in each compartment.  All charging laptop lockers are fully PAT tested and come with EU conformity and are a great way to make sure that students have access to fully charged equipment.

But laptop theft is not just opportunistic, targeted and organised theft of laptops particularly in rural primary school is on the increase.  The BBC news reported over 66 such thefts in January 2013 alone in Suffolk.  Too often laptops are just stored in an unlocked cupboard which plays into the hands of unscrupulous burglars.

Divide and Conquer!

It’s far better to store laptops in individual locked compartments thus making the task of breaking into each compartment a lengthier and more difficult operation.  Our laptop lockers not only have individual locked doors but also an additional security bar for use with a heavy duty padlock providing extra security and peace of mind.  Schools should also consider storing IT devices in multiple areas and not just in one location. That way thieves cannot adopt a quick smash and grab method thereby depleting your stash of IT equipment in one fell swoop.  Laptop trolleys should also be considered as a convenient way of transporting laptops around classrooms for distribution to students and can provide a quick and easy re-charge resource should battery power run low.

By implementing these straight forward measures schools can hopefully reduce laptop thefts thus preventing disruption to students and lessons.

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