3 reasons staff lockers are a great idea

If you”re running a business and you have a staff of people working for you, whether that”s half a dozen people or fifty, providing your staff with their own lockers is a great investment for many reasons. Today, let”s look at just three of the great reasons we hear from our satisfied customers who have purchased metal staff lockers from us in the past.

1. Security. It goes without saying that work lockers are great for an employees personal security. Nowadays, most people carry at least a phone and their wallet or purse full of cards and cash. Those two items alone are worth safe guarding, so by providing even just small metal lockers, you are doing your team a great service.

2. Health and safety. If you have a large amount of people working for you, a staff cloakroom can quickly become a bit of a jumble, riddled with clutter and trip hazards. If everyone has access to staff lockers, bags and so on can be kept off the floor, safely and neatly stored out of the way. If your business operates unusual hours, storage lockers can be especially useful if your staff are likely to arrive at work with packed lunches or any other equipment they might need for their shift.

3. Increased productivity. Many employers, particularly in shops and offices have problems with their staff using their mobile phones during work hours. Obviously, members of staff don”t want to leave their valuable devices unattended, but work lockers offer a secure alternative so that they can be kept off the shop floor or away from their work desk and therefore keep text messages and the latest addictive game to out of work hours!

If you are looking to install staff lockers in your work place, we”d be delighted to help and can offer advice on the most cost effective solution tailored to your requirements. We can offer you well known, top quality brands such as Probe and Link Lockers at competitive prices, but above all else, our reputation is proudly built on our constant emphasis on customer care.

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