The key to locker security

Today most locker users tote personal valuables such as mobiles, laptops, cameras, mp3 players and all sorts of gadgetry and hardware with them to school, college, gym, the office or sports club, leaving them stowed in their lockers whilst they go about their business, making locker security a high importance.

Efficient, safe and specialised locking systems are therefore an essential component of any locker installation, which is why we have carefully chosen a range of high quality locks to suit the purpose of the lockers we supply.

Our standard metal lockers come with two locking options available inclusive in the price: a camlock, or hasp and staple so users can choose their own padlock. For a little more spend you can order your lockers with alternative locking systems: combination locks, high-tech radial pin locks or coin return/retain options.

Our basic lock is the traditional, simple but efficient Camlock, supplied with two keys (replacements are available – just call our sales team).

Many of our clients opt for lockers with hasp and staple swivel latch locks which can be secured by the user with their own padlock. Our hasp and staple locks feature a chrome oval handle with a circular cut-out to accept a padlock. This option is particularly popular in schools and other high traffic institutions, because it effectively transfers the responsibility for safeguarding lockers to the individual user.

In situations where temporary paid-for locker hire is required – like left-luggage stores – we can fit coin retain or return locks with a box attached to collect £1 coins, supplied with two keys.

Our high security locker (for optimum locker security) installations usually require a more complex radial pin lock, which our sales team is happy to discuss with clients.

Schools and leisure centres may prefer to operate lockers with keyless security, in which case we supply personally programmable battery-powered digital combination locks in vertical or horizontal options. In this category we also have the choice of a sturdy, simple mechanical multi-user combination lock, which operates with the individual user’s personal four-digit code.

For advice on choosing lock fittings before you order and locker security, contact our sales team: telephone 01924 240291, email

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