Why small metal lockers are a great idea for nurseries and pre-schools

Obviously, the children in attendance at pre-schools and nurseries will probably not be able to operate small metal lockers for themselves, but they can still be invaluable for both the parents and the staff at the setting.

Often, parents dropping their child or children off at nursery for the day will then be on their own way to work. Their child may be picked up at the end of the day by their other parent, a child minder or grandparent, depending on the situation. Small metal lockers are the perfect place for the person doing the drop off to leave anything that the child will need when they are picked up later in the day: a change of clothes, a packed lunch, essentials for anywhere else they may be headed (such as swimming) and so on. Small metal lockers provide security, as well as helping to keep busy, high traffic areas free from clutter and mess.

If a child at the nursery is poorly and the staff are required to administer any medicine, these can also be kept safely in a small metal locker labelled with the child’s name, keeping everything out of reach of the children, and offering peace of mind to the parents.

Space in nursery and pre-school settings is often at a premium, but installing small storage lockers needn’t take up too much room. Lockers in such a situation don’t need to be huge; in fact small metal lockers are much better suited to the job and can be compact enough to provide adequate storage without encroaching on usable space.

Plus of course, by adding just a few extra units, a nursery manager will also be able to offer the convenience and security of a locker to their staff, so that personal possessions, such as mobile phones, keys and bags, can be kept safely out of sight of curious children!

Spare lockers in a nursery setting could also be used for a wide range of other storage requirements. Perhaps to keep messy art supplies out of reach until they are required for supervised use, or to store valuable equipment such as stereos and technology when not in use.

So although the attendees of a nursery might not be quite ready for school lockers of their own, there are plenty of good reasons to install small metal lockers in a pre-school setting!