Pesticides in the workplace: handling, storage and use

We all know pesticides can be harmful, yet they are essential parts of the working process in many industries. If you are introducing pesticides to your workplace or planning on launching a company where pesticides are common, then it is essential you take the time to fully understand all the health and safety issues they present and create staff guidelines to ensure your team handle and store them correctly.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to pesticides.

Storage : Lock it away carefully

Strict rules need to be implemented in your workplace regarding how your pesticides are stored. They should be kept in a temperature regulated environment, away from flammable items, water and food, in an area that is unlikely to flood. The best way to do this is to install specifically designed pesticide storage cabinets. These units will ensure the utmost safety for your workers if pesticides are on site.

Don’t overuse

While pesticides might be essential to the task at hand, not every task will require the strongest pesticide. Ensure that your team use the least hazardous pesticide possible for every job. Don’t assume a stronger than necessary substance will finish the job more easily or quickly.

Dress correctly

Ensure every worker has their own full safety outfit for handling pesticides, including goggles, face mask, gloves and boots, and that they wear it any-time they use the substance. When the job is completed, everybody involved must wash their skin thoroughly and change out of their safety equipment before leaving the work area.

Mix carefully

If you need to mix pesticides, be sure your site has a well ventilated, isolated area in which to do this. Use clearly marked containers for the process and never mix an amount higher than the pesticide’s recommended rate.

Keep things are clearly marked

Ensure the room or area in which you store pesticides is clearly signposted, and that an up-to-date inventory of all items inside is maintained. Also, be sure that container labels remain readable and clear.

If you want to maximise safety in your workplace while using pesticides, then get in touch with 3D Lockers today. We provide businesses across the UK with high quality storage units for hazardous material, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

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