Starting a low cost gym? Here are three top gym storage tips!

Low cost or budget gyms are the business idea of the moment – gym membership was once out of the reach of many people, but budget gyms mean that we can all stay in shape and keep healthy. So, here are three tips on gym storage for anyone starting their own budget gym company!

1. Install gym storage lockers

As a gym owner, you need to make sure that your customers and clients feel safe. With gyms, theft is a common issue, particularly of small items like wallets, purses, and mobile phones, which are sometimes left in coat pockets and bags in the changing rooms. You can ensure that this kind of problem doesn’t occur in your gym by installing secure gym storage lockers in your changing rooms. Small, personal lockers are great for mobile phones, and will make your customers feel at ease whilst using the gym equipment. What’s more, installing lockers tells your customers that you care, which is likely to encourage customer loyalty and good reviews online.

2. Don’t compromise on security

Often providing a place for gym users to safely deposit valuables such as car keys and wallets is overlooked when opening a gym.  Nobody wants to carry these items around with them during a workout.  By installing gym storage lockers or personal effects lockers, members can have peace of mind that their things are safely locked away.

3. Do your market research

As we mentioned in the introduction, low cost or budget gyms are the business idea of the moment, and whilst this means it’s a good time to get in on the act, it also means that with more low cost gyms opening every week, you need to make yours stand out, and this is where market research comes in. Like with any business, you need to set yourself apart from your competitors, and doing proper research can help you do this. Ask yourself questions like: who are my target audience? Are they already catered for? Are there any gaps in the market? Doing this kind of thing now will take time, but will be very beneficial in the long run.