Storage and security lockers in your home office

You could be forgiven for thinking that offices within the home do not need to take the same security measures as other, more commercial, offices but it is wise to explore storage and security locker options that are available nevertheless.

3D Lockers offer a range of practical storage solutions such asĀ security lockers for peace of mind when it comes to keeping valuables safe. For example, tablets, phones and laptops can be stored safely while your home is unoccupied.

Size and suitability

Security lockers are an ideal size for smaller pieces of equipment with little compartments that can easily store additional electronic equipment when not in use. Wallets and keys can also be stored by whoever uses the office while they are working, rather than leaving them on a desk and running the risk of misplacing them during working hours. Additionally, security lockers are very slim, have a depth of 155mm, and are less than a metre in height, meaning they do not take up much space at all. There are two options available – one comes with four doors, perfect for home office use, and the other has eight doors.

Usage options

If you find that security lockers are invaluable to your office space at home, multiple additional locker units can be added on top, or to the side, of existing units to create a large bank of lockers; while this may not be likely in a small home office, it is good to know nonetheless. If your home office is lacking in free floor space, each locker unit can be wall-mounted, which is incredibly handy as it then takes up no more space than a shelf, while arguably being so much more useful.


Overall, security locker units are incredibly handy pieces of kit that are well worth having in the home office environment. With technology now almost entirely portable, there has never been a better time to keep security risks low by locking away anything that is not in use. There is also the possibility of adapting a locker unit and transforming it into a power bank, where devices can be stored and charged at the same time, with the added bonus of keeping unsightly wires out of view.

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