The importance of personal space for personal effects

Why is personal space for personal effects so important in the multi-use or open plan offices of today? Because you need something to call your own, and it makes you feel appreciated.

Although most people accept that space is at a premium and we have to share that space.  At school, work or even at home, we need a space to call ‘ours’.

You can create that space with a small compact phone locker – ideal for your mobile phone and personal effects. Keeping them safe and leaving you to get on with whatever you need to do!

This ideal size compartment can securely store personal possessions whilst you’re in an exam, the office, or the morning meeting. With even that small space to call your own, you can relax. How would you enhance that space that’s just for you? Teens might put a picture of their friends on there, or you could add a photo of your favourite pet.
Choose from various door colours and also at a height you can reach for! You can safely store your iPad whilst you’re at lunch, or maybe you work in a store and need to keep valuables or personal effects in the staff room. Break times start with checking messages on your mobile, or relaxing with solitaire and a coffee.

Having your space – however small, means you feel content and less stressed! Worrying about important personal effects can be distracting! Have you ever put your keys down and dashed out of your meeting at 5 to find the keys gone? Just when you really need to get home on time… With a personal effects locker, you can find them where you left them.

With lockers, you can feel valued, and your needs are met so you can concentrate on what you have to do here and now.  And get home on time, too!