Choosing Gym Lockers

They can be easily overlooked, but gym lockers are a more important part of people’s experience of their sports centre than you might think, and it’s crucial to get them right.

These storage lockers come in a surprisingly varied selection of designs, colours and sizes. This means that, as long as you get the overall dimension of the lockers right, you’ll find plenty of choice, especially online.

For gym lockers in particular, durability and hygiene should be key considerations, as with several people using each locker day in day out they need to be pretty robust.

Equally, with quite a few bacteria potentially floating around any gym, keep ease of cleaning of these storage lockers firmly in mind. Without a certain level of hygiene, bacteria and mould can spread rapidly. Gym users have been known to leave sweaty trainers and even drink bottles and half-eaten food behind. Use anti-bacterial wipes or sprays for cleaning.

You should not sacrifice hygiene or quality, but buy high quality storage lockers at the outset.  And, if necessary, put notices up reminding leisure centre users to treat their locker with respect.

At 3D Locker Solutions we have a fantastic range of lockers for the gym to choose from. With over two decades of industry experience, and clients from the MoD to the NHS, you can trust us to come up with the most cost-effective solutions to match your industry needs.

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