Choosing the Right School Lockers

Whatever you are looking for when it comes to lockers, you will find it here on the 3dlockers website. They specialise in manufacturing lockers of all kinds, including mesh lockers and gym lockers, but for the moment let’s look at school lockers. There was a time not so long ago when students in British schools had to carry their belongings with them all day. For example, when I was at school we didn’t have lockers, but these days most schools have them which makes life a little easier for the pupils.

Due to the way they are used, school lockers must be able to withstand slamming of doors, overfilling and the bangs and knocks which they will take every day. As these lockers are usually in a public area, there is a tendency for them to get some rough treatment, so they have to be manufactured from materials which can take this.

Overfilling of the lockers can be a problem as students try to fit books, clothing and other items in them. Rust can also begin to form in metal lockers when wet items such as shoes or raincoats are placed inside and left to dry. Keeping school lockers in good condition can be a bit of a problem in this respect, but the more they are cared for and maintained, the longer they will last. Most lockers have vents which can help address the issue of condensation and rust occurring by maintaining a regular air flow throughout the locker.

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