Locker Legends

3D Storage Solutions can provide lockers specially designed for any industry, to fit any space and designed to meet the specifications of any customer. Security is always a prime consideration when deciding which type of locker is best suited for your needs, so from metal lockers to plastic lockers, gym lockers to storage lockers, we can ensure that all of your possessions remain safe and secure. All of our gym lockers, storage lockers and in fact, our entire range of bespoke lockers, are designed with durability and security as a priority. Every product features key operated deadlocks, locker front ventilation, sturdy welded construction door frames, reinforced doors, semi-concealed knuckle hinges and are completely coated in durable epoxy powder coating.

Our exhaustive range of metal lockers and plastic lockers includes several model variations; including the single door locker, two tier locker, three tier lockers, clean and dirty divider locker model, four, five and six tier lockers, cube lockers and personal work wear lockers. Our excellent two tier lockers are 827 mm high, feature a double coat hook and hanging rail in each compartment and are secure and functional. Our tough cube lockers provide an innovative and flexible solution to personal security, can be bolted together to suit any configuration required, are extremely secure and are ventilated from the back.

Our clean and dirty storage divider lockers feature a hat shelf and hanging space which is divided down the middle to ensure that dirty work clothes are always kept separate from clean clothes and equipment, permitting quick turnaround times for each shift and ensuring that employees are clean and presentable as they begin their work each day. Finally, our personal work wear locker features a central hanging space; various compartments, a hat shelf, and a top door which allows clean work wear to be easily restocked. So remember, for all types of lockers, 3D Storage Solutions are locker legends!

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