Schools and Colleges Are Charging Ahead With Laptop Lockers!

Cardiff University saw the light when they purchased laptop charging lockers recently from 3D Locker Solutions in West Yorkshire.

Schools, colleges and universities all have the need to store laptops securely in one place, so why not purchase a laptop locker which has the facility to store up to 15 laptops in one locker. The metal lockers are 1800mm high and can have 1 single lockable door with 15 storage levels within the locker or 10 or 15 individual lockable doors. Added security is also available in the form of a lockable security bar.

But why not go even further and have the facility to charge up the laptop lockers whilst they are in storage so that they are all set up and ready for use. Each individual compartment is equipped with a 3 pin plug socket to allow charging using each laptops own mains lead and each compartment is fully ventilated so as not to overheat. These are 1000mm high for 8 compartments or 1460mm high for 12 compartments and once again come with single doors or individual doors.

Laptop charging trolleys are a great space saving device and are really handy for moving laptops around schools and colleges safely and securely. Simply store the laptops in the trolley compartments, have them fully charged ready for the next lesson and finally wheel them out to the classroom or lecture theatre. It couldn’t be safer or simpler.

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