School Lockers – Security and Beyond

Undoubtedly, we are all familiar with lockers from our school days, where they performed a crucial role in our day-to-day school life. These days, the role of school lockers is even more important, but why is that?

The primary role of a locker is to provide a secure space in which to store belongings. In a school setting, security concerns are especially pertinent, as on the one hand schools are semi-public. Therefore members of the public could conceivably come and go from the premises, and on the other hand there is often such a large number of pupils that the risk of theft from other pupils is ever-present.

Security is only one of the functions of school lockers, however, and they also perform a fundamental role in regards to how students organise their day. Especially in the modern context, pupils of all ages, but particularly secondary school pupils, are burdened with lots of textbooks. Therefore lockers, rather than just being a secure space, can also be a space through which to organise their day.

Alongside security implications this also has important implications in regards to student lifestyle. Having metal lockers as well can add to the security, ensuring that no-one is able to enter them without permssion.

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