Storage – Green Credentials

Whilst the pressure to optimise businesses, workplaces and schools so that they are environmentally friendly can be daunting, many of the ways in which such places can made ‘green’ are actually relatively simple, and by making some basic changes it is possible to transform underutilised spaces so that their efficiency is greatly increased.

In this regard, storage lockers can be instrumental, and can be incorporated across all sorts of situations to enhance spaces and therefore make them more efficient. The advantage that this has in terms of the environment might at first be a bit difficult to discern, but rest assured, by maximising how you use space, you ensure that said space is used effectively, and importantly, that no available space goes to waste.

There are other ways where storage lockers demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials. Perhaps most obviously by creating storage for bikes, outside businesses or schools, you will essentially encourage employees and pupils to take the greener route and cycle to work or school, which is widely considered one of the most effective ways in which we can lower our carbon emissions outputs.

At 3D Lockers some of our locker solutions even have their ‘green’ credentials built into their structure. Our environmentally friendly ‘green’ storage lockers are made from 60% recycled steel , which means that by choosing to furnish your schools, offices or other places of work with our steel lockers you are making a definite step in the right direction on the road to becoming ‘green.’

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