Super university lockers

3D Lockers is the UK’s premium purveyor of all types of university lockers. We are particularly proud of our university lockers, which are secure, practical and stylish. University lockers allow students to store sports clothing and study materials (such as books, personal computers and stationery) safely and securely whilst they are either attending lessons or are off university premises.

With increasing amounts of students carrying valuable study equipment such as laptops, as well as expensive personal electronic devices like mobile phones and iPods, it is more important than ever that university lockers be secure, weatherproof and highly functional. We stock a great selection of metal and plastic lockers, as well as combinations of both, which are ideal for use in schools.

From simple yet stylish single door lockers, available with green, grey, red or blue doors and a variety of locking mechanisms, to triple door lockers with air vent systems and inter-frame locking,   our comprehensive university lockers selection is truly second to none.

We also offer specialist disability lockers which are sized perfectly for use by wheelchair users, and bike lockers for students or staff who cycle to school. Most of our lockers can either be purchased pre-bolted in nests of several individual units, or can be attached onsite to make a combination to suit your requirements. We also have a selection of premium personal effects lockers for the storage of smaller valuables such as cash, credit cards, jewellery or keys during learning hours.

Please check out our website today and decide which university lockers are perfect for your school.

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