Wonderful workwear lockers

At 3D Lockers we stock a great range of workwear lockers which are tough and durable. For construction workers, offshore operatives, nurses and emergency service workers, workwear lockers must be more robust and specialised than is the case for regular staff lockers. With this pre-requisite in mind we have designed, developed and manufactured a superb selection of specialised workwear lockers with a range of compartments, larger capacities, ventilation and security.

Our two person workwear and utility locker is a great space saving option which allows two staff members to store their gear separately and safely within the same locker unit. It is available in a variety of colour options and is fully ventilated in order to combat unpleasant odours and dampness.

Our clean and dirty lockers are ideal for those who work in dirty, dangerous or hazardous environments which require the regular use of safety clothing and PPE. The separate compartments allow for a quick change of clothes when required during a shift if clothing has become stained or damaged, and also simplifies the collection and cleaning of soiled work clothes at the end of a shift.

Our nurses/equipment steel lockers include a hat shelf as well as three small compartments which are perfect for storage of clean shoes and equipment, as well as a large capacity hanging space for nurses or medics uniforms. As hygiene is a priority for nurses, they are fully ventilated and extremely easy to clean.

For more information on our selection of workwear lockers please visit our website or call 01924 240291.

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